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Director, Digital Marketing at SevOne Inc


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I have spent the last 11 years of my life working on incredible marketing campaigns for high-tech companies in the network performance, software, web, mobile, and interactive entertainment fields. I have managed million dollar SEO, web design, and AdWord campaigns for large consumer and B2B companies in the retail and IT space, and have participated in the design and development of 3D graphics engines that have powered award winning games for the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. In my free time I have also developed search engine optimization strategies for numerous start-ups, constructed and taught courses in video game design and programming, developed e-learning software, and created artificial reality training systems for environmental safety issues.


Explore my professional history and get to know the companies I worked at and the roles and responsibilities I've been assigned.

2014 - Current

Director, Digital Marketing

SevOne Inc

2013 - 2014

Creative Director

SevOne Inc

2012 - 2013

Creative Web Design Specialist

SevOne Inc

2011 - 2013


App Creation Network LLC

2007 - 2011


Hellerman Design

2008 - 2010

Web Solutions Architect

Environmental Solutions Association

2002 - 2007

Instructor - Game Design


2007 - 2007

SEO Strategist

Xoxide Inc

2003 - 2006

Graphic Designer

BluHammock Music

2003 - 2003

Environmental Artist

Artificial Studios

Director, Digital Marketing

SevOne Inc

As director of digital marketing, I was responsible for the design and development of the new SevOne.com corporate website. I am also responsible for designing and directing million dollar ad campaigns across the internet promoting SevOne’s performance management solution. These ads have led to a 140% increase in traffic, and a 450% increase in leads generated via SevOne web properties. I am also in charge of integrating digital marketing tools such as Demandbase & Vidyard, tradeshow campaigns and design, and have led SevOne to a 100% growth year - over - year in generated leads, and pipeline generation.

Creative Director

SevOne Inc

At SevOne I am responsible for designing all outbound print, web, video, and digital collateral, as well as trade-show, and ad campaign design. I also manage all of SevOne’s search engine optimization, yearly AdWords spend , as well as SevOne's image across the internet. I am solely responsible for generating a 150% increase unique visitors to SevOne.com in the last 9 months, and driving a 300% increase in inbound leads. I also manage SevOne’s YouTube channel, generating over 86,000 views and 100,000 minutes watched of SevOne branded collateral in 2013.

Creative Web Design Specialist

SevOne Inc

In this position I designed and developed landing pages, interactive experiences, online training, programs, and internal support portals. I also integrated analytics and sales platforms such as Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Woopra, Lucky Orange, Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce, Igloo, and many others. Finally, I integrated business intelligence solutions and aligned them with web analytics to help our executive team gain a better understanding of our web traffic.


App Creation Network LLC

I was responsible for designing and marketing a cutting edge mobile application, Cinefy. I took on project management roles for Cinefy in its development for iOS and Android. Through social marketing successes, Cinefy was named a finalist at the Consumer Electronic Show’s Mobile App Showdown and came in 2nd in online voting.


Hellerman Design

As a small business startup, with Hellerman Design, I developed ad campaigns, SEO strategies, and PPC campaigns for local businesses. I also designed and developed over 35 unique web properties for local businesses. I managed web and print advertising for fashion, food, and service industries, while providing help desk service to over 150 customers around Chester County. Additionally, I licensed stock photography for use in books such as “Horror Hospitals, and launched an iOS application, the RTS Gameboard for Starcraft 2, generating over 100,000 unique views in 5 days.

Web Solutions Architect

Environmental Solutions Association

At ESA I developed a series of websites utilizing Drupal as a content management system, including e-learning and online classroom functionality, virtual reality training software, multiple e-commerce sites, and an employee management system. I also developed a database of over 3500 home inspectors across the united states. Finally, I developed a 3D virtual training tool for home and office inspections utilizing Adobe Flash, and Google Sketchup.

Instructor - Game Design


Taught beginner game design, intermediate game design, and advanced game design and programming courses utilizing Adobe Flash and GameMaker. I developed game templates to teach the principles of game design to people between the ages of 8-18. I was chosen from a small group of teachers to spearhead a private game design program at the prestigious Tatnall School in Wilmington, DE.

SEO Strategist

Xoxide Inc

Managed a 3.65 million dollar yearly AdWord budget spread out across 18 e-commerce stores. utilizing Yahoo! Stores, Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter, and Yahoo! Search Advertising. I also created new strategies to drive organic and inorganic traffic to e-commerce stores. Finally, I was in charge of graphic design, and content development for numerous web properties and customer communities.

Graphic Designer

BluHammock Music

Developed banner advertisements, e-cards, postcards, and other interactive media for Virginia Coalition, Jim Boggia (a Billboard #1 songwriter,) and Speech Music. I performed extensive prerelease advertising work for Virginia Coalitions “Live At The 9:30 Club” release, and pioneered online, print, and interactive media advertising for Jim Boggias “Fidelity is the Enemy,” and “Safe in Sound” albums.

Environmental Artist

Artificial Studios

Developed environments and gameplay feature for the game “Helix Core” which later became "Cellfactor Revolutions” which was released in 2007. I designed early game play prototypes, and helped integrate new game ideas while retaining balance. I also negotiated business contracts with Server hosts for alpha tests of gameplay components. Also, I helped develop tech demos for the Artificial Reality Engine, which was sold to Epic Games in 2005.


See where I spent time studying and gained early knowledge to prepare for my professional life.

Harvard Business School

Driving Digital and Social Strategy

2015 - 2015 To effectively compete in today's digital landscape, firms must leverage digital and social platforms that make it easier for consumers to access relevant and timely information, connect with people they care about, and willingly engage in brand-building behavior. This timely program is designed to help you make digital and social media a powerful part of your overall business strategy.

The Pennsylvania State University

Information Sciences & Technology

2006 - 2011 None


A concise list of some of the most valuable professional skills I possess. My tricks of the trade and what I can bring to the table.



Web Design


Online Advertising

Mobile Applications





Graphic Design



User Interface


Google Analytics

Web Development






User Interface Design

Google Adwords

User Experience


Interaction Design


Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing

Strategic Partnerships

Social Media Marketing

Product Marketing

Web Analytics


Mobile Devices




Hear what some of my clients and colleagues have to say about me after working together on various projects throughout my career.

Casey Murray

Regional Sales Director at Comm Solutions

“Dan has world class abilities in the SEO space. If you look at SevOne staying on the first page of Google search results this stems 100% from Dan's mastery of the SEO process, the Google algorithms and his tireless work to ensure we have the right keywords, tags and info on our site to get well ranked. Additionally Dan has great skills in video work, video editing and graphics work.

Dan is a swiss army knife of talents with almost anything IT you can throw at him and he will find a solution. He was a tremendous asset to our Marketing team and he did at least the equivalent of three full time jobs for us. I highly recommend Dan. ”

William Krause

Systems Engineer at SevOne Inc

“If there's a project at SevOne, Dan is probably involved in one way or another. His portfolio surely speaks to his impressive set of hard skills. However, work ethic and competency are often hard to assess without working with an individual for an extended period of time. After a year at SevOne, I can honestly say Dan has both qualities in spades.”

Michael Duda

Sales Operations and Strategy - Manager at SevOne Inc

“Dan is the ultimate marketer, whom has a broad skill set that is perfectly suited for the 21st century of marketing. He combines his technical skills in SEO/SEM, marketing technology and creative design that have allowed him to achieve breakthrough results at SevOne.”

Ronald Studd

Product Support Team Lead at SevOne Inc

“Daniel is an exceptionally creative and energetic professional, able to frame targeted marketing campaigns that both build the brand, but also to establish an appropriate level of enthusiasm and energy both internally and externally. Daniel is an incredibly hard working and insightful person to work with, who works diligently to ensure the best solution to a problem is deployed. Daniel's keen technology interests also have ensured that he's both familiar and able to leverage multiple tools in his technology "tool-belt" to get the job done correctly and while ensuring longterm feasibility.”

Hilary Mansor

Event Professional

“Dan Hellerman is one of those exceptional people that only a few luck folks get to work with in their lifetime. Dedicated, talented, multi-tasker, team player; just a few descriptors that come to mind. Not forgetting analytically, process oriented, and result driven. A stellar peer and person.

Specifically, working with Dan on Event Project Management is a joy. He has creative and thorough follow through. He focuses on the a positive and successful end result with any task and takes all challenges head on. Glad to be able to work with such talent!”

Kira Frank

Global Events Coordinator at SevOne Inc

“Dan's passion for his work is extremely admirable. As busy as he can be, he is always attentive to everyone on his team. If he is ever asked a question or is needed for a small task, he is very prompt with his response, despite his long "to-do" list. He is a token member of our Marketing team because not only does he get his work done with great prestige, but he also adds lots of comic relief to many situations. I enjoyed working near him in the office, as he always knew how to put a smile on everyone's face.”

Alexandra Conners

Marketing Communications Manager at SevOne Inc

“Over the last two years I've worked with Dan on a variety of projects. His passion, creativity and objectivity make him the ideal teammate and teacher. Dan uses his technical skills to solve any problem or streamline a process. He managed our entire back end of the SevOne website while giving the SevOne brand a new look and feel. Dan thrives on fixing things, from design tweaks, to tracking a lead through the marketing funnel. A true techie, Dan creates videos and other things to make the SevOne brand an interactive and great experience for people. He thrives working with teams, and never hesitates to put in the extra time and ensure success of projects.”

Edward Oxenham

V.P. Sales at Embarq Creative / nimlok

“Daniel is great to work with, detailed oriented, keeps sight of the objectives put in from of him.

Knows his business to the Max, great person to be involved with.”

James Grim

Owner Ultimate Image Salon

“I have hired Dan anytime I had a need for Web Design and SEO tasks. He has consistently delivered on time and excellent results. Dan is a brilliant young man and his detailed knowledge is far past his years. I am currently working with Dan on a new project and he is once again doing a fantastic job. I highly recommend Daniel Hellerman.”


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